A Standard of Balance for Consumer Services

Constasis Certified Professionals – A Higher Standard of Professionalism & Responsibility

It’s simple. You need a professional service and you’re not sure how to find one. Professionals who participate in a Constasis Balance Program have covered the basics and may be a good start to begin your search.

Clear Processes

Understand the services you are receiving and how you will receive them.

Reliable Services

Practices that adhere to their commitment to provide services the way they say they will.

Responsible Professionals

Professionals who volunteer to implement standards where there may be gaps in the regulatory environment for billing, quality of service and in some industries, safety.

Constasis Balance Programs: Auditing, Certification and Monitoring

  • Good standing with their credentialing and licensing organizations.*
  • For Practices that provide therapies in a center, participation in state- sponsored environmental oversight programs for healthy and safe environments for children or meeting standards for state daycare facility licensing requirements. *
  • Transparency in how they refer you to another professional or recommend another service.
  • Proactively correct billing errors with you and your health plan.
  • Responsible care transitions and planning, even if payments are disrupted.
  • Are not and do not employ therapists on the US Department of Health and Human Services office of Inspector General List of Excluded Individuals Entities (LEIE) for government healthcare fraud*
  • Commitment to Quality Improvement and Service Excellence

*Practices who do not update their status of failing to meet these criteria within ten-business days are suspended from the Constasis Balance Program for a minimum of two years after their status has been reinstated by the associated regulatory body. Practices who update their compromised status within ten business days are placed on suspension from the Constasis Balance Program and are reinstated when their regulatory body has reinstated their status.