What is an Experience Metric?

We are asking people using certain  professional services to help other people find good professionals. These numbers are indicators of a professional’s operational performance.

We are asking people to sign up for free membership and answer a few simple questions about the professional.

These are not subjective reviews- we only ask them to report numbers.

How are the numbers used?

The numbers will be available publicly so people can go to our website and make informed decisions when finding a professional. The goal is to help consumers find professionals that meet their needs.

Ultimately, publishing these experience metrics will encourage professionals to improve the way they provide certain services, improving the experience of vulnerable consumers.

What type of professionals are included?

For now, we are just providing this information for behavioral therapy providers- but more are coming!

Is my response confidential?

Yes, we do not publish, disclose or sell your private information to your provider or any third-party. Your information is stored in a secure database. Information may only be disclosed to legal authorities as may be required by law.

Are these numbers reliable?

Constasis provides a platform for the public to voluntarily report on their experience metrics for a professional from whom they have obtained services. Because this platform is open to the public and because many will report a different experience, Constasis uses various methods to ensure reliability, such as requiring member registration prior to reporting, monitoring outliers and member engagement.

Why am I being asked to report updated numbers every three months?

Constasis incentivizes members to report updated numbers every three months to allow consumers access to information that reflects the business’s recent performance.

We are new and expanding our Constasis Friends program for member incentives that support the local and independently owned- small business community, while recognizing Constasis members like you who share a minute of their time to help other families like you.

What if I don't see my provider or if my business is not listed?

No worries! A consumer or business owner may add their listing at no cost. Simply select “Add a Practice” on the Constasis homepage. Please allow up to 72 hours for the listing to appear while it is verified.

Why are these numbers being reported?

The questions were selected from consumer insights and publicly available evidence of areas where there may be risk to a consumer. Publicly sharing this information is intended to help consumers, professionals and policy makers identify opportunities to improve the way some services are provided.

If a professional has numbers that seem ``bad,`` what should I do?

There can be acceptable reasons why a professional may have an undesirable number, such as if a delay in service occurs because a consumer did not provide all the information a professional may request, hiring and employment issues, etc.

The purpose of publicly reporting these numbers is to identify not an isolated incident but rather the overall trend of the professional practice to give consumers a better understanding of how other consumers experienced the service. For example, a therapy practice with 1-2 billing issues in a period versus a therapy practice with 8-9 in a period. This is another reason why it is important for members to update their numbers every three months- so that practices may demonstrate how their services are improving.

If you are already receiving services from the professional, it is okay to ask them questions. If you are searching for a professional for the first time, Constasis recommends you review multiple sources, including your insurance company and the professional’s regulatory agency and/or state licensing board, before making your decision to hire the professional.

What if my therapist or practice I am ranking tells me I'm not allowed to participate or report these numbers while I am receiving services from them?

The Consumer Review Fairness Act advanced consumers’ rights to speak honestly about their experience with a business. If you believe you are being unfairly restricted from participating, you may report your concern to the Federal Trade Commission. https://www.ftc.gov/faq/consumer-protection/submit-consumer-complaint-ftc